Week 09 Review

Welcome to the next installment of Codeleak.pl: Week Review!. I want to share with you some interesting reads that I encountered this week. A very subjective selection.

  1. It is not always clear how deal with user stories for the back-end systems, so systems without direct users. In this short article, you will learn that "the user doesn't have to be an actual person staring at a computer screen. The user can also be the entity that needs the functionality". Mike Conhn's blog is one of my favorites Agile blogs.

    User Stories & Back-End Systems

  2. Velocity for a Scrum team is a key planning tool and describes the quantity of work a team can be expected to deliver at the end of a sprint. When you can use and when you should not use it. Interesting read.

    Velocity as a KPI in Scrum

  3. Rand Corporation research in the 1940's showed clearly that humans are not good at estimating hours and practical experience repeatedly confirms the research.

    Story Points: Why are they better than hours?

  4. Have you ever looked at a random piece of code and wanted to rewrite it so badly you could taste it? What exactly is legacy code? How can you define it? Is it old code? Is it code that no one wants to use? Or is it just badly-written code?

    The 5 people in your organization that grow legacy code

  5. Many programmers seem to forget how logging application behavior and its current activity is important.

    10 Tips for Proper Application Logging

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