Week 14 and 15 in links!

Welcome to the next installment of Codeleak.pl: Week Review!, which became bi-weekly (so new name should apply...) I want to share with you some interesting reads that I encountered within last two weeks. A very subjective selection.

  1. Spring Loaded is a JVM agent for reloading class file changes whilst a JVM is running. An open-source competition for JRebel or just an alternative? Anyways, if you want to see how it works in practice watch this demo: Spring Boot, Spring Loaded and Spring Tool Suite in 4 minutes.

    Spring Boot, Spring Loaded and Spring Tool Suite in 4 minutes

  2. Last I have been experimenting with Spring Boot. Have a look at reference documentation.


  3. Optional: A new Option in Java. The main point behind Optional is to wrap an Object and to provide convenience API to handle nullability in a fluent manner.


  4. Does Agile matters more than Scrum? Really nice movie about engineering culture at Spotify.


  5. And the similar to the above, but regarding Facebook: How Facebook Builds Facebook.


  6. I have been experimenting a lot with Java and Windows Azure recently. The last addition to Azure was Java-based web sites on Azure Web Sites. You can deploy and scale Java applications running on Tomcat quite easily.


  7. Want to know more about Java on Azure?


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