Some interesting links I encountered recently

A selection of the links I encountered recently. A very subjective selection.

Development / practices:

Unit Testing

Some interesting articles by Petri Kainulainen ( with some comments of mine:

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Page Object Pattern

Do you write functional tests for your web application? If so, you may be interested in Page Object Pattern. It is not new, but definitely a good read.

How to get rid of helper and utils classes?

Helper classes are not universally evil, but too often you don’t actually need them.

Learn some tips how you can refactor helper classes and apply better design to your code.

Understanding the differences between AMQP and JMS

Understanding the differences between AMQP and JMS is a great way of understanding what AMQP is and whether you should use it.


An Opinionated Guide to Modern Java Development

A good series about modern Java developments. Includes: build tools, monitoring and management, profiling, benchmarking, lightweight HTTP services and more.

Java 8

Tired of Null Pointer Exceptions? Consider Using Java SE 8’s Optional!

In this article you will lean how java.util.Optional<T> can be adopted to improve the design of Java code.

Java 8 Friday series

A series of articles published by Lukas Eder ( on Java 8. Below you will find the ones I enjoyed most:

Another view on Java 8 in the series “What’s Wrong in Java 8”

Very often we read articles that show one side of Java 8 features: the good one. But there is the other side of the coin. For me personally, it is quite important to know different opinions. I have read all the articles in the series, but especially the below one got my attention:

Collection of Java 8 articles

Just a great collection of Java 8 related articles by Baeldung ( Updated frequently:

What’s New in Java 8: An unofficial guide

This book will help you understand Java 8, including Project Lambda, the new Date-Time API, Streams, Nashorn, and more.

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