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Getting started guides

  • Building an Application with Spring Boot - An official guide

  • Spring Boot and Thymeleaf with Maven - Learn how easy is to bootstrap Spring MVC application with Thymeleaf and Maven. Learn how to work with templates, webjars and how to package the application.

  • Getting started with Jersey and Spring Boot - Spring Boot supports Jersey. This is great step to attract those developers who like the standard approach as they can now build RESTful APIs using JAX-RS specification and easily deploy it to Tomcat or any other Spring’s Boot supported container. Jersey with Spring platform can play an important role in the development of micro services. Learn how you can quickly build an application using Spring Boot (including: Spring Data, Spring Test, Spring Security) and Jersey.

Spring Boot + REST



  • Parameterized integration tests with Spring JUnit Rules - Spring comes with JUnit rules: SpringClassRule and SpringMethodRule. The main advantage of using JUnit rules is to let developers get rid of SpringJUnit4ClassRunner and utilize different JUnit runners in Spring integration tests. With Spring JUnit Rules creating parameterized integration tests is extremely easy.

  • Spring Boot Integration Testing with Selenium - Web integration tests allow integration testing of Spring Boot application without any mocking. By using @WebIntegrationTest and @SpringApplicationConfiguration we can create tests that loads the application and listen on normal ports. This small addition to Spring Boot makes much easier to create integration tests with Selenium WebDriver.

  • Groovier Spring Boot Integration Testing - User Groovy’s Rest Client to test Spring Boot REST Api.

  • Testing mail code in Spring Boot application - Configuring the mail in Spring Boot does not differ much from configuring it in Spring Bootless application. But this article describes how simple it is to test that email submission is working as expected.

Spring Boot Actuator

Spring Boot Deployment on OpenShift

  • Openshift: Build Spring Boot application on Wildfly 8.2.0 with Java 8 - Spring Boot can run with embedded servlet container like Tomcat or much faster Undertow, but it also can be deployed to a standalone application server. Spring Boot application can be also deployed to WildFly application server that is supported by OpenShift. Create a Spring Boot application from scratch and deploy it to WildFly on OpenShift.

  • OpenShift DIY: Build Spring Boot / Undertow application with Gradle - This blog post illustrates the use of Spring Boot and Java 8 running on Undertow, that is supported as a lightweight alternative to Tomcat.

  • Spring Boot / Java 8 / Tomcat 8 on Openshift with DIY - DIY cartridge is an experimental cartridge that provides a way to test unsupported languages on OpenShift. It provides a minimal, free-form scaffolding which leaves all details of the cartridge to the application developer. Learn how to use of Spring Boot / Java 8 / Tomcat 8 application with PostgreSQL service bound to it on Openshift.

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