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Spring 3.1 MVC: xml-free configuration in Servlet 3.0 environment

Starting from Spring 3.1.0.M2 you can configure Servlet Context programatically in Servlet 3.0 environment (Tomcat 7 for example), with no web.xm l and no xml at all. This article demonstrate working Hello World example with xml-free web application configuration. Update: See Spring MVC Quickstart Maven Archetype (no-xml Spring MVC 4 web application): to get started with Spring MVC. The project is actively maintained and just got updated: To start with the project I used STS and I created new Template Project ( File > New > Spring Template Project > Spring MVC Project ). Once the project was created I made some small modification to the POM file: removed Spring Roo dependencies - why they are there - I don't know changed Spring version to 3.1.0.M2 - to have new functionality in place change maven-war-plugin configuration - s