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Set Visual Studio Code as default editor in jshell

Java Shell (jshell) is an interactive tool for learning and prototyping in Java. It was introduced with Java 9 and since then I use it ocassionally either for some quick prototyping, during presentations or simply to verify new features in the Java language. Since jshell is a command line tool (with basic intellisense) editing files in jshell is not the best expierience. Fortunatelly, jshell allows changing the default editor and set it to the one of your choice, including Visual Studio Code, Atom or Sublime.

macOS: essential tools for (Java) developer

Are you considering macOS as your next operating system? Are switching from Windows or Linux to macOS? Do you want to develop in Java on macOS? Or maybe you are looking for tools to help you being more productive?Read about tools that are essential to me (after switching from Windows to macOS).

Manage multiple Java SDKs with SDKMAN! with ease

SDKMAN! is a convenient tool for managing parallel versions of multiple Software Development Kits. The tool is especially useful for Java developers as it supports SDKs for the JVM such as Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin and Ceylon. Gradle, Maven, Spring Boot and many others are also supported.