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Angular2 Typescript Webpack Quickstart

Get started quickly with Angular2 Typescript and Webpack: A skeleton / seed Angular2 application that was created by following the official WEBPACK: AN INTRODUCTION on . I have built this small seed project to get better understanding of the Webpack mechanics as I have never worked with this tool before. I suggest reading the original article, but if you look to start quickly you can use the code and start your own seed project immediately.

Spring MVC Archetype updated - Spring 4.3.2 introduced

For all those developers interested in bootstrapping Spring 4 application quickly without Spring Boot, please check my Spring MVC 4 Quickstart Maven Archetype that just got updated: Spring 4.3.2, Thymeleaf 3.0.1 among others.

Injecting authenticated user into Spring MVC @Controllers

Injecting injecting authenticated user into Spring MVC handler method can be done with @AuthenticationPrincipal annotation and AuthenticationPrincipalArgumentResolver that is an implementation of Spring MVS MethodArgumentResolver . AuthenticationPrincipalArgumentResolver is registered by default with web security configuration (e.g. when you enable security with @EnableWebSecurity ).