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Sahi Script Samples from my presentation at TrojQA

Sahi is an web automation tool that can be used to test modern web applications in a variety of browsers. Sahi comes in two flavors: open-source and commercial. Some of the key Sahi features include: recording on most modern browsers - including Internet Explorer, automatic AJAX waits easy to learn and robust scripting - Sahi Script built-in tools like reporting, logging etc. This blog post contains some code snippets of Sahi Script that I presented during my talk at TrojQA in 2015. TrojQA is a Tricity (Poland) community focused on software testing and quality assurance. If you are interested in learning more about Sahi, please visit its official website here: . Sahi Script Sahi Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript. The main difference from JavaScript is that in Sahi Script variables must be prefixed with $ . _include("StringUtils.js") var _system = (function () { var getenv = function ($name, $default) { var $