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Playwright meets JUnit 5

Playwright is a Node.js -based tool for automating browsers. It supports all modern rendering engines including Chromium , WebKit and Firefox . Playwright can be used with JavaScript , TypeScript , Python , .NET and Java . In this tutorial, we will explore the setup of a test automation project using Playwright for Java , JUnit 5 and Gradle . You will also learn some basics of Playwright tools like codegen , Playwright Inspector and trace viewer. I will also provide some basic setup for Docker as well as GitHub Actions . Let's get started!

Starter template for prototyping and building CLI tools with Node.js and TypeScript


macOS: Insert current date shortcut with ``

Image in macOS is a tool for automating repetitive tasks. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and supports tasks such as opening apps, copying/pasting text, and sending messages. In this article, I'll demonstrate how to create a shortcut that inserts the current date into any app, which I use to quickly add dates to my notes, emails or Slack messages.