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Test Execution Order in JUnit 5

The general practices say that automated tests should be able to run independently and with no specific order as well as the result of the test should not depend on the results of previous tests. But there are situations where a specific order of test execution can be justified, especially in integration or end to end tests. By default, in JUnit 5 the execution of test methods is repeatable between builds hence deterministic but the algorithm is intentionally non-obvious (as authors of the library state). Fortunately, execution order can be adjusted to our needs using either built-in method orderers or by creating custom ones.

Temporary directories in JUnit 5 Tests

JUnit 4 TemporaryFolder @Rule allowed developers to create tests utilizing temporary directories. With JUnit 5, the @Rule s are not supported hence testing files and directories requireds a little bit of additional work. Fortunately, with JUnit 5.4 there is a new built-in extension to handle temporary directories in tests. And it is extremely easy to use.