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macOS: Annotate - simple yet productive screenshots tool

After switching from Windows to macOS I was looking for a simple screenshots taking tool to support my daily workflow. The built-in tools offered by macOS are not sufficient for me, mainly because of the image annotating tools and limited keyboard shortcuts support. For couple of days I used Skitch , but then I found Annotate , a light-weight and simple app with quite good keyboard shortcuts support. In this short blog post, I share how I currently work with Annotate app. Note: Looking for a powerful screenshots taking tool for Windows? Checkout Greenshot . Why built-in tool are not sufficient? What is my usual screenshots workflow? Take a screenshot, annotate it quickly with tools like arrow, shape and text, copy to clipboard and paste it anywhere (e.g. Slack, JIRA, e-mail or a document editor) Open an image from clipboard, annotate it quickly, copy to clipboard and paste it anywhere With Annotate this is all possible and it can be done pretty quickly with keyboard short