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@ControllerAdvice improvements in Spring 4

Among many new features in Spring 4 I found @ControllerAdvice improvements. @ControllerAdvice is a specialization of a @Component that is used to define @ExceptionHandler, @InitBinder, and @ModelAttribute methods that apply to all @RequestMapping methods. Prior to Spring 4, @ControllerAdvice assisted all controllers in the same Dispatcher Servlet. With Spring 4 it has changed. As of Spring 4 @ControllerAdvice may be configured to support defined subset of controllers, whereas the default behavior can be still utilized.

HOW-TO: Using @PropertySource annotation in Spring 4 with Java 7

Today I migrated one of my projects, that I am currently working on, to Spring 4.0. Since it is a really simple web application I use to learn and demo Spring features, I only needed to update the POM file of my project and change the Spring version. I deployed the project to Tomcat 7 server and apparently the application did not start. I saw this message in IntelliJ console: Failed to load bean class: pl.codeleak.t.config.RootConfig; nested exception is org.springframework.core.NestedIOException: Unable to collect imports; nested exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java.lang.annotation.Repeatable . What the ...?

Thymeleaf template layouts in Spring MVC application with no extensions

After some years with JSP/JSTL and Apache Tiles I started discovering Thymeleaf for my Spring MVC applications. Thymeleaf is a really great view engine and it simplifies and speeds up the development despite that lack of good IntelliJ (vote here: ) support at the moment (there is an Eclipse plugin though). While learning how to use Thymeleaf I investigated different possibilities of working with layouts. Apart from the native fragment inclusion mechanism there are at least two options to work with layouts: Thymeleaf integration with Apache Tile and Thymeleaf Layout Dialect . Both seem to work fine, but inspired by this comment about a simple and custom option, I gave it a try. In this post I will show I created the solution.

Is it worth upgrading to Thymeleaf 2.1?

Thymeleaf 2.1 release arrived. The new version brings plenty of new features in its core as well as in Spring Integration module like improvements of fragments inclusions, rendering view fragments directly from @Controller, improved form validation error reporting to name a few. But is it worth upgrading to Thymeleaf 2.1? Let's see.

Surprises during developers' job interviews

To build a good team you need to look for really good people. In my current company , we are instantly looking for good developers ( ). I am personally engaged with recruitment for Java developers (not only though). It is not easy job to find good people. During all the years, we have been adjusting our process and we ended up with really simple assignment that we give during the technical part of the interview. And sometimes it is amazing what we see there!