Angular2 Typescript Webpack Quickstart

Get started quickly with Angular2 Typescript and Webpack: A skeleton / seed Angular2 application that was created by following the official WEBPACK: AN INTRODUCTION on I have built this small seed project to get better understanding of the Webpack mechanics as I have never worked with this tool before. I suggest reading the original article, but if you look to start quickly you can use the code and start your own seed project immediately.

Note: You can also use Angular2 CLI that uses Webpack.

The source code:

  • Prerequisites

Make sure you are using at least node v.5+ and latest npm

  • Clone the repository:

git clone

Navigate to angular2-typescript-webpack directory:

cd angular2-typescript-webpack

  • Install dependencies by running the following command:

npm install

node_modules and typings directories will be created during the install.

  • Run tests

npm test

  • Start the application

npm start

All changes done to src directory will be automatically refreshed

  • Create distribution

Build the project by running the following command:

npm run build

dist directory will be created during the build

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