macOS: Insert current date shortcut with `` in macOS is a tool for automating repetitive tasks. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and supports tasks such as opening apps, copying/pasting text, and sending messages. In this article, I'll demonstrate how to create a shortcut that inserts the current date into any app, which I use to quickly add dates to my notes, emails or Slack messages.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create Insert Date shortcut using in macOS:

  • Open the (⌘ + ␣, type Shortcuts, and press Enter).
  • Click on the + button in the top right corner to create a new shortcut.
  • Give your shortcut a name (e.g. Insert Date) and click Add Action.
  • Search for Insert Text in the search bar and select the Insert Text action.
  • In the Insert Text field, type CurrentDate(). This will insert the current date in the format of your liking.


  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Shortcuts app. Select Keyboard and then Add Shortcut. Assign the keyboard shortcut you would like to use to trigger the insertion of the current date. I use ⌘ + ⌥ + ⌃ + D as my shortcut.
  • Make sure to check the Provide Output checkbox.


From now on, whenever I use ⌘ + ⌥ + ⌃ + D keyboard shortcut in (almost) any app, the current date will be inserted.

And that's it! Pretty handy.


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