Teacher's notes about reporting issues: theory and practice

In 2014, for the second time, I am a lecturer at Postgraduate Studies on Software Testing. I mainly run lectures, actually workshops, about tools and automation. The object of one of the workshops was to present and practice reporting issues in Jira. During the first day of workshop, students were testing a simple web application (https://github.com/kolorobot/spring-mvc-icm-demo) based on the test cases they created. As a result of testing they were asked to report their findings.

The workshops were preceded by consecutive theoretical lectures that cover in 100% ISTQB Foundation Level course material. So I expected (maybe too optimistically) that issues will comply with some basic rules. And some of them were really good. But most - not. Let's see one example:

  • Summary: Errors in translations
  • Description: Application is not translated in 100%
This extreme example of really bad issue made me think, why someone who spent hours listening to lectures, learning for the semester exam reported something like this.

It may be (polish) students' mentality. Maybe some of them think they don't need a theory but practice. They attend lectures, but do not listen. They pass exams and they brag about gained qualifications to the employer or potential employer, but when asked to put theory into practice they fail in many cases. And I would never expect that they do the task perfectly for the first time, but at least they should try to remind themselves some rules they learned and try to apply (extra note: they were reminded Ten Tips for a Good Bug Report during the workshop).

Do you have similar thoughts? Or maybe I was unlucky today? Or maybe I am completely wrong? I am not an experienced teacher or lecturer and maybe I expect too much from students, but how would you feel in a similar situation?

All in all, after two days of workshops, the quality of reports improved dramatically. Some were really good. And in fact, the workshop was pretty successful. Only this first impression remains in my head.

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