Selenium + Firefox on Windows 10 - get rid of the Windows 10 intro URL being loaded

Recently I moved to Windows 10 and upgraded to the newest Firefox. When I executed my integration tests on my PC with Selenium and Firefox for the first time I saw an extra page was loaded: “Firefox + Windows 10. Perfect together.” Maybe for you - I said to myself - and I immediately looked how to disable it.

I checked browser.startup.homepage and it points to about:blank. Perfectly fine. But still unwanted page is loaded. I looked for another key by simply typing windows in the about:config page and I saw two properties: browser.usedOnWindows10 and browser.usedOnWindows10.introURL:

Changing the the properties in the browser directly did not help much as every time the driver is created the page is loaded again (and the properties are restored).

Therefore, I updated the FirefoxProfile in the code so every time a new driver is created the properties are properly updated:

FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
profile.setPreference("browser.usedOnWindows10", false);
profile.setPreference("browser.usedOnWindows10.introURL", "about:blank");

Back to normal!


  1. I receive this error:"This add-on could not be installed because it appear to be corrupted" when i try installing selenium on firefox windows 10, can you heap me?

  2. Hello,

    I upgraded Firefox and the add-on was already there so I did not notice any issue. BTW. I am not using Selenium IDE on daily basis. The tests mentioned here do not require Selenium IDE. They use WebDriver.

  3. Upgrade selenium to the latest (currently, 2.48) version:

    pip install --upgrade selenium

  4. selenium webdriver 2.50 with firefox 47 in windows 10 is not working. anyone know how to resolve this issue.please share with me.

  5. selenium webdriver 2.3.10 with firefox 48 in windows 10 is not working. anyone know how to resolve this issue.

    In c# code, force Firefox to open to blank page - Does Not Work
    FirefoxProfile prof = new FirefoxProfile(); prof.SetPreference("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", "ignore"); prof.SetPreference("startup.homepage_welcome_url.additional", "about:blank"); driver = new FirefoxDriver(prof);

    Used older version of web driver 2.48 - Does Not Work

  6. Guys, Is selenium supports with Mozilla versions 40- latest versions, I tried downgraded till 45 but no luck!

    Can someone help-Selenium IDE-Compatible Firefox -Windows 10 with 64 bit?

  7. selenium ide support for which firefox version, am using windows 10 .

  8. Windows 10 will support which version of mozilla for selenium to work? ,,can anyone pls tell me,, As im not able to add SELENIUM IDE plugin in the mozilla,


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