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The popularity of REST-style APIs is not decreasing so a good knowledge in this architecture style becomes essential in many projects. In Java, there are many frameworks that you as a developer can utilize in order to build a REST-style API, with Spring MVC as one of the most popular. If you wish to learn how to work effectively with REST in Spring you definitely need some good learning materials.

My Motivation

I have been given a chance to take REST With Spring video course on baeldung.com. I was invited by Eugen Paraschiv, the author of the course, to be a part of the affiliate program and help promoting the course. I decided to help and this is why:

  • I am regular reader of bealdung.com and I like he content published over there,
  • I am Spring MVC practitioner, so this course was definitely interesting to me,
  • I got access to several hours of good quality video material,
  • I can earn some money if you click the link and enroll for the course.

Course Language

I started with REST with Spring: The Starter Class course. The first thing that caught my attention was the language. This may sound strange. But when I look for a video course (e.g. Udemy, Pluralsight) I always check if the course is led by a professional with good English skills. This is especially important for the courses led by non-native English instructors. As you may know, Eugen Paraschiv is not a native speaker. But after the first minutes I concluded that I am able to spent several hours listening to him: I am fine with the accent, the speed and the clearness of expressing thoughts. That is already a good start.

Course Organization

Each class is divided into courses, each course has a skeleton project to be downloaded. Each course is further divided into the modules. The module page has a video, module notes, usually a transcript and (very useful) resources links.

Course Content

The course touched many practical topics of building a complete web application in Spring using REST architectural style. You will learn about REST theory and how to put the theory in practice. The course is organized the way that is easy to understand and follow. The theory is shown and experienced via many practical examples.

The course brings all the topics needed to build a production-ready Spring application. All the important aspects of building Spring applications are included: starting from the basics and going through testing, security, documenting, monitoring, consuming with AngularJS and ending up with the deployment (part of the Master Class).

Project / Examples

You will be dealing with all the aspects of building the application: from creating a 2-module Maven project in the REST with Spring: The Starter Class and ending up with (5-module) secure, documented and tested REST API with AngularJS client in REST with Spring: The Intermediate Class. A complete reference, in my opinion.

During the course, the instructor uses Eclipse (STS) to walk you through the examples. If you are an Eclipse user, you will learn how to use the IDE with Spring project properly.

On the other hand, since the project is Maven-based, you should not have any problem using IntelliJ IDEA. Throughout the course I worked with IntelliJ


I am more than happy to recommend the Build Your REST API with Spring course on baeldung.com. This is one of the best technical course on Java and Spring I found so far. I am a regular guest of Udemy and Plurasight and I did not find any course over there that covers in such a detail the topic of building REST applications with Spring.

The content of the course is definitely more than REST with Spring and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good Spring learning resources.

Affiliate Link to "Build Your REST API with Spring" course page (I can earn some bucks if you click one of the links and enroll for the course):

Build Your REST API with Spring

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